India All Day

Rooted in the ancient Indian medical system of Ayurveda, Inday’s cuisine is built on the belief that food is the best medicine. The company is born from this tradition and creates a place where you don’t have to decide between eating delicious, exciting food and eating mindful, nutritious food. Inday serves a seasonally-based menu with light, bright flavors that make balanced and nourishing meals free of gluten, raw dairy, soy, and refined sugar.

Inday’s health-focused take on Indian food and clean, modern look meets the consumer at the intersection of wellness, food, and design. With new locations planned in and around New York, Inday aims to leverage its core customer base and build a unique, Indian wellness brand centered around food.


“Kitchen Fund has been a true partner in our business. The team seamlessly switches hats between high level thought leaders and in-the-weeds operators. More than just capital, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise that they deploy enthusiastically.”

Basu Ratnam, Founder and CEO, Inday


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