Gregorys coffee

See Coffee Differently 

Gregorys Coffee is a specialty coffee, lifestyle, and wellness brand based in New York. With a strong focus on quality, innovative products, and world-class service, Gregorys has grown to be the largest third-wave concept in the Northeast. The company has built a strong community of “Gregulars” by serving coffee roasted in-house along with a diverse food program comprised of daily, made-from-scratch baked goods and light bites.

Combining artisan quality with an accessible price point and operational efficiency, Gregorys aims to capture the latent demand for third-wave coffee in the many areas lacking a specialty coffee option. In bringing the memorable logo of its founder’s eyeglasses to new cities, Gregorys Coffee will inspire America to see coffee differently.


“For thirteen years I shirked the private equity world, hoping to grow our business without taking on a group that might force me to dilute our brand for the sake of a quick exit. When I met Greg, I heard about his vision and the team’s experience, I knew immediately Kitchen Fund was a different sort of partner. Since we started working together, my gut was proven right. The KF team has been nothing but helpful since the moment we began working together. The team’s thoughtfulness and great instincts make Kitchen Fund an amazing voice on our board as well as a daily sounding board for me.”

Gregory Zamfotis, Founder and CEO, Gregorys Coffee


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