Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

Putting carbs back in their rightful place

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is re-envisioning craft baking by developing new baking techniques, ignoring traditional branding norms, and overturning common guidelines of how to build a company culture. With customers lining up for hours and attracting visitors from around the globe, Mr. Holmes serves ultra-craveable and Instagram-friendly pastries, such as their famous Cruffin, a delectable croissant / muffin hybrid.

Due to overwhelming demand, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse now sells their baked goods, including pastries, breads, and sandwiches to coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels. Mr. Holmes has developed a unique omni-retailing strategy with retail “spokes” and wholesale distribution, supported by innovative freezing technologies, which will continue to drive scale for the brand.

Copy of Chocolate_Hazelnut_Croissant_Jakob_Layman.jpg

“As much as contemporary PE has convinced itself that it’s on an entrepreneur-forward mission, it’s rarely the case the company being funded reciprocates that feeling. Often, they’re the sweet-talking tinder date who pays for dinner but is gone before the sun rises. Greg, on the other hand, is not about the hook-up culture. From our first date, he understood what we’re building, he’s the first one to jump to the mud with me to forge a creative solution, and the last one to kiss my ass when negotiating terms. Kitchen Fund couldn’t be a greater asset to our business and has unquestionably become the most powerful hitter on my cap table”.

Aaron Caddel, Founder & CEO, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse


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