by Chloe.

Eat well, sustainably. 

by CHLOE. is the leading plant-based restaurant brand, serving a chef-driven menu that features locally-sourced ingredients. by CHLOE. redefines what it means to eat well by serving delicious, wholesome, plant-based food that fuels and energizes without compromising flavor, taste, or satisfaction.

With its delicious, vegan twists on classic favorites, by CHLOE. has forged an entire category. The company’s mission and sustainability-minded ethos have created a loyal and engaged fan base that will allow it to capitalize on the broad-based shift toward plant-forward eating.


“We were in the fortunate situation to have a wide range of interested investors for by CHLOE. However, Kitchen Fund was the obvious choice for us given the combination of their financial and strategic value. Their experience has provided a wealth of information at every step of the way.”

Jimmy Haber, CEO, Esquared Hospitality


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